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RFP Architect to Program and Develop a Master Plan - UPDATED 4-30-19

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NOTICE OF RFP:   Conejos County has issued a request for proposal for an architect to program and develop a Master Plan to evaluate future judicial facility needs of the County.  Interested firms/individuals can find a complete packet of the RFP are available for pickup at 6683 County Rd 13, Conejos, CO 81129.  The RFP contains very important instructions and requirements, including the deadline to submit a response by 05/30/2019. 


April 25, 2019

Conejos County Courthouse

Request for Proposal for

Conceptual Design Plans and Rendering

Conejos County Board of County Commissioners

PO Box 157
6683 County Rd. 13
Conejos, CO 81129


The Conejos County Board of County Commissioners seeks to retain an Architectural Firm to program and develop a Master Plan to evaluate future judicial facility needs of the County.  The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain relevant information, credentials, qualifications, experience and a proposed Project Approach from interested Architectural Firms to inform the Board for selection of an Architect for the Project.

The awarded architect will have successfully demonstrated the understanding and methodology of delivering a program to the County of Conejos that can meet all the informational objectives stated in the Scope of Services section of this RFP and that fits within a reasonable and realistic budget for Conejos County.

Through this RFP, it is the intent of Conejos County Commissioners to contract professional services to evaluate current facility use and physical conditions and acquire recommendations for future or alternative occupancy by the Courts, Probation, District Attorney and County Departments, which may include remodeling/renovation, expansion of the existing Courthouse.

The county is requesting an RFP for a comprehensive facility study that assesses and evaluates our current courthouse facility and to make recommendations for remodeling, adding on to courthouse. The study will be used by Conejos County for decision making related to courthouse operations and future facility needs.



Located at 6683 County Road 13, in Conejos, Colorado, the existing Conejos County Judicial Building has served the residents of Conejos County since the 1980s. Although renovations and remodels over the past 30 years have been effective in modernizing the facility to better serve the needs of the County and Court, the basic organization of the original 28,000 SF building remains intact.

In response to the future capability of the building to meet these needs, the Colorado Judicial Facilities Department conducted a space assessment to evaluate current building amenities and deficiencies while also determining the proper space model for courts and probation.  This report, The Conejos County Judicial Space Needs Assessment will be provided upon request.

Overview of Project/Programming

  1. Prepare judicial program and space assessment for both immediate and projected needs of the Conejos Courts and Probation.  This process may review documentation recently prepared by the Colorado Judicial Facilities Department as a basis for this study.  The programming architect should verify all room types, room quantities and spatial requirements listed in the Judicial Space Assessment to meet the goals of this program.

  2. Evaluate existing conditions and deficiencies that impact judicial operations including but not limited to egress, circulation, security and accessibility.

  3. Evaluate existing building envelope, physical plant, power and low voltage distribution, mechanical, plumbing, building code compliance and fire safety.

  4. Evaluate County Departments and staffing models which currently operate within the courthouse. Assess departmental growth and any potential additional county functions that may collocate into the courthouse.

  5. Evaluate and provide recommendations to remodel, reorganize and/or expand the existing courthouse to meet the Judicial and County business requirements and/or evaluate potential new construction options to accommodate future projections.

  6. Information regarding the space needs of the District Attorney is yet to be compiled. This data should be assessed though interview with representatives of the District Attorney’s Office.




    Judicial Program

  1. Evaluate current and projected business requirements, space needs, staffing and customer service accommodations for the following:
    1. Judicial/Probation Space Programming/Space Needs & Standards;
    2. Judicial/Probation Operational Analysis & Adjacencies;
    3. Site Planning and Future Expansion;
    4. Zoning, Parking & Traffic Requirements;
    5. Conceptual Design/Conceptual Elevation; and
    6. Preliminary Cost Estimate of Potential Solution

      County Department Program

  2. Evaluate current and projected business requirements, space needs, staffing and customer service accommodations for the following county departments in the existing courthouse or in any vacated portions of the courthouse 
    1. County Administration and Board of County Commissioners
    2. Tax Assessor
    3. County Treasurer
    4. Building and Zoning
    5. Department of Human Services
    6. EMS
    7. Grounds and Facilities

  3. Evaluate accommodations, accessibility, safety and security requirements for all building staff and public visitors
    1. Single Entry Point.

      Additional Potential Courthouse Tenants

  4. Evaluate current and projected business requirements, space needs, staffing and customer service accommodations for the following:
    1. District Attorney Operational Analysis Space Needs and Standards
    2. District Attorney Space Programming
    3. Conceptual Design
    4. Preliminary Cost Estimate

Description of the Scope of Services of the Architectural Program

  1. Judicial / Probation Space Programming / Space Needs & Standards;

    • To include details of all judicial courtroom and office requirements with recommended quantities and size parameters

  2. Judicial / Probation Operational Analysis & Adjacencies;

    • To include details of building connections, departmental adjacencies, egress, public amenities, staff and sheriff circulation zones, security and ADA requirements.

  3. Site Planning and Future Expansion;

    • Details of potential sites, location and orientation of structures and future expansion, utilities, roadways, foot and vehicle traffic.

  4. Zoning, Parking & Traffic Requirements;

    • Details of governmental requirements and regulation of proposed building site.

  5. Conceptual Design / Conceptual Elevation;

    • Pre-design plan and elevation views of proposed facility layouts.

  6. Preliminary Cost Estimate;

    • An estimated cost for construction of the courthouse phase of the project based on site development and prevailing construction market rates per square foot.

Additional Courthouse Tenants

  1. District Attorney Operational Analysis Space Needs and Standards

    • To include details of projected space needs, adjacencies and projected growth of the DA department

  2. District Attorney Space Programming

    • To include details of office space requirement based on quantity and sizes of required offices

  3. Building Tenants

    • Upon consulting with Conejos County Officials, assessing the needs and benefits of including other justice governmental agencies at the court house. Current occupant includes and are not limited to the District Attorney.



The following table gives a rough estimate of the timeline for the Project:




Grant Awarded


Request for Proposal Published


Selection of Design Services by BOCC


Preliminary Design Complete


Present Design to Community/Get Feedback


Final Design Complete

The RFP schedule is as follows:




Publish RFP for Architectural Services


Mandatory Pre-Submittal Meeting


Deadline for Submission of Questions


Deadline for Response to Submitted Questions


Deadline for Submittals of Response to RFP (4:30 PM in the office of the BOCC)


Reviewal of Submittals(s) by Selection Committee


Optional Interview(s) (if requested by the selection committee)


Award of Contract


Completion Deadline


The County is soliciting Responses from qualified Architectural Firms interested to be considered and evaluated for the Project.  The RFP Response shall include the following information and shall be organized as follows:

Cover Letter

Table of Contents

  • Firm Overview

    • Provide concise details of your Firm which includes information describing size, services you provide, credentials, qualifications and expertise, office location and specific experience in judicial facility programming, planning and design.

  • Relevant Experience

    • Provide specific examples of relevant judicial (minimum 3) projects of similar scope and complexity the Firm has completed in the last five years including LEED certified projects. Please provide a detailed description of the specific role and services your firm played within each project. Include Client references for each Project submitted. Provide specific experience with the Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC) delivery process completed in the past five years.  Include CM/GC references for each project submitted.

  • Major Consultants

    • Provide a concise description of the major consultants to be used on this Project as well as examples of their relevant judicial / detention facility experience. Provide examples of any previous teaming your firm has completed with major consultants you are proposing.

  • Current Workload

    • Provide a description of projects undertaken by your firm that would be concurrent with the timeframe of this project.

  • Project Team

    • Provide an Organization Chart and Resumes for the key individuals assigned to this project. Include names, titles, education, professional credentials, functional role, professional registration and/or associations as well as relevant personal experience.

      It is the expectation of Conejos County that the individuals noted above will not be changed after the Project is awarded except in unusual circumstances beyond the Firm’s control.
  • Project Approach

    • Provide a detailed narrative and proposed schedule describing your specific approach as well as your ability to meet the needs of this Project. Outline your understanding of the Project and identify critical issues based on your Firms’ experience. Include your methodology regarding Programming, Design Services, Cost Control, Schedule Control and Value Engineering.


  • Provide any other information - unique capabilities, value-added services, etc. - relevant to the County’s evaluation of your Firm. 

  • Response information shall be limited to the information requested as noted above.

Include a detailed cost proposal in your RFP in a separate sealed envelope please include tables noting base fee per consultant, reimbursable per consultant, allotted % of fee and total dollar amount per each programming phase. Further instructions on what to include in the detailed cost proposal may be provided at the mandatory pre-submittal meeting. Cost proposals will be opened once all other materials are completed and scored.  Cost proposals may be used in helping to determine successful firm. 

Conejos County will not be responsible for any cost associated with the preparation of the Firms responses to this RFP.

Minimum Qualifications

The County will consider firms that specialize in or have a division/department dedicated to government building and refurbishment projects.


Responses shall be submitted in a package clearly identified as follows:


CONEJOS COUNTY COURTHOUSE—Conceptual Design Plans and Rendering

The firm shall submit 6 hard copies and one electronic copy of their response to the RFP

Firms may not contact any team members, staff or employees of Conejos County or other parties involved in this project.  All communication regarding this project should be directed to: Nicolas Sarmiento, Conejos County Attorney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please Deliver Responses to:

Tressesa Martinez
ATTN: Conejos Courthouse RFP Response
P.O. Box 157
Conejos, CO 81129

The deadline for submitting a Response is 4:30 PM local time on May 30, 2019.

Responses will be time-stamped and logged upon receipt.  Reponses received after the deadline will NOT be considered and will be returned un-opened.  All timely and properly prepared Responses will be considered for evaluation.


The County will appoint a Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee will analyze the submittals and will evaluate the Firms regarding their qualifications and expertise, including, but not limited to, relevant experience, capability of professional staff, location, project approach and demonstrated performance as well as ability to maintain budget and schedule considerations.

  • Proposals will be ranked using the criteria below.  Ratings shall be based on the Committee’s assessment of the adequacy of the firm's experience and ability to meet the requirements of the RFP.  The table below will be used by the review committee, with a 1 being unacceptable and a 10 as excellent.  The scores of the review committee will then be added together, at which point it as anticipated that the top 3 firms will be selected for interview.



The Conejos County BOCC will evaluate bidders and proposals based on the following criteria:




Qualification/Certifications of Firm



Relevant Experience/Similar Projects



Demonstrated Understanding of Proposal



Project Approach



Ability to Meet Deadline






Project Bid







The County reserves the right to reject any and all Responses and to waive any informality, technical defects or clerical errors in any Response as the best interest of the County may require. Selection procedures will be conducted in conformance with all applicable qualifications-based selection requirements.



Questions & Inquiries

Prior to the Pre-Submittal Meeting, applicants may submit written questions to Nicolas Sarmiento, Conejos County attorney or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Questions will be compiled and every effort will be made to answer the questions at the time of the Pre-Submittal Meeting. A question and answer period will also be available after the Pre-submittal meeting.

Pre-Submittal Meeting (Mandatory)

A Pre-Submittal Meeting will be held on May 8, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. .to 4:00 p.m. at the Conejos County Courthouse located at 6683 County Road 13, Conejos, CO 81129.

The Pre-Submittal Meeting will be the opportunity for Firms to ask questions regarding the Project.  Attendance is mandatory.  All interested applicants are required to attend in order to prepare responsive submittals.

Failure to attend the mandatory pre-submittal meeting will disqualify the firm/individual from submitting a response and the selection committee will not consider the response.


The County reserves the right to issue addenda to the RFP at any time as a result of questions, change in schedule or other matters.  Such information will be transmitted to all firms in attendance at the Pre-Submittal Meeting and posted on the county website.  The County also reserves the right to cancel or reissue or amend the RFP.

UPDATE: Colorado Judicial Facility Space Needs Assessment: Conejos County Combined Court and Probation Department

Judicial Space Need Assessment The following space needs exercise has been prepared by the State Court Administrators Office, the District Administrator, Chief Judge and Chief Probation Officer of the 12th Judicial District. The intent of this report is to compile and report the space requirements, building amenities, and potential construction scope of a new or remodeled Conejos County Justice complex to achieve the immediate needs as well as 25 year projections of Conejos County and the 12th Judicial District.

The 12th Judicial District is one of 22 in the State of Colorado and is a part of the Colorado Judicial Branch. All  employees of the district are State Judicial Employees. All court operating budgets are allocated by the State Legislature through the State Judicial Department to the various judicial districts. All facilities and facility maintenance for the court operations are provided by the local governments per statute C.R.S. 13-37-108.

Click here to download the Colorado Judicial Facility Space Needs Assessment: Conejos County Combined Court and Probation Department packet.


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