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Press Release January 24, 2020

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        **********WARNING PHONE SCAM ALERT**********

Today an elderly gentleman come into a local bank to withdraw nearly his entire bank account except for the minimum balance requirements. When bank personnel questioned him at first as to why he needed to withdraw a large amount of money he initially said it wasn’t our business, which of course it is the banks business when it’s a large amount of money. When bank personnel told him they just wanted to make sure he wasn’t involved with some type of scam he opened up and said he needed to pay off the social security administration. He said he got a phone call from someone claiming to be with the social security administration and they gave him their name and badge number. The caller told him that they found his social security number tied to a fraudulent $10 million dollar loan out of El Paso Texas. When he told them that he wasn’t involved, they said they were going to have the Conejos County Undersheriff Chris Crown contact him and tell him what he needed to do to get a new social security number and what he’d need to do to avoid being arrested. He then got a phone call from someone posing as Undersheriff Chris Crown, stating that in order for him to avoid being arrested today he needed to protect his money by purchasing a “Government Voucher” and as soon as he purchased it the undersheriff would deliver him a new social security number. Bank personnel advised him that didn’t make sense and that they would contact Undersheriff Chris Crown directly. Bank personnel immediately contacted Conejos County Undersheriff Chris Crown and quickly learned that this was an obvious phone scam.  The victim of this phone scam terminated his withdrawal request and did not lose any money.

Conejos County Sheriff Garth Crowther wants to remind everyone that the Sheriff’s Office will never call and tell you that you have a warrant for your arrest. If you receive a call from someone telling you that you have a warrant for your arrest please do not try and pay the “Bond” over the phone or make a withdrawal from your bank account and/or send funds to an unknown location. Conejos County Sheriff’s Office and staff members will never deliver a new social security number to anyone and will never ask anyone to purchase a “Government Voucher”.

Sheriff Crowther also wants to remind all citizens, never release any personal information to anyone over the phone such as your name, date of birth, banking information, social security number or any information that would make it easy for scammers to steal your identity and/or funds.  

If you do receive a scam call please write down the number which called you along with the date and time and report it immediately to your local Law Enforcement Agency.

This case remains under investigation.

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