On September 19th at 10am
In the Clerk and Recorder’sOffice at the Conejos County Courthouse


What is a Logic and Accuracy (L&A) Test? 

  • A step-by-step documented review of a voting device's ability, prior to use in any election, to accurately produce voter choice for the candidates and ballot measures in an election.
  • A test that ensures the election has been programmed correctly by casting votes for all offices and ballot questions and issues that are on the ballot on a representative sampling of voting equipment.
  • A test that ensures the voting system will accurately count all types of ballots (mail, provisional, VSPC, and audio ballots).

Why do we have an L&A Test?

The L&A test ensures that

  • The election is programmed correctly
  • The voting equipment is functioning properly, and
  • The voting equipment is counting ballots accurately.

The test is conducted in public so that the public knows their votes are being counted accurately.

Several members from the public participate in the L&A test, either as members of the Testing Board or as observers*. An important part of the election process is to be open and transparent when preparing for an election.

*Each major political party, minor political party, ballot issue committee that has an issue on the ballot, and the coordinating entity may designate one person who must be allowed to witness all public tests and the counting of pretest votes.

Preparing for the Test -The Testing Board

Before starting the L&A test process, the Designated Election Official (DEO) appoints a Testing Board.

The Testing Board must consist of one registered elector from each of the major political parties. The electors must be registered voters in the county.

Testing Board Members will be:

1 Democratic Party member

1 Republican Party member

Testing Board Ballots

The Testing Board will be given 25 ballots each in advance of the test.  Board members will vote their ballots and record the votes on the hand tally sheet.

County Test Ballots

The County will also have test ballots.  These test ballots must include:

  • At least one ballot from every style
  • Enough ballots to represent a vote for every position on each ballot style
  • At least one ballot that is fully marked (all overvotes)
  • At least one ballot that is blank (all undervotes)

The number of test ballots a county is required to use depends upon the number of candidates and the number of choices in the most complex race, and/or the number of precincts. 

Central Scanner Testing

Here are the steps for central scanner equipment testing.  Each group of ballots will be run individually through the equipment. We will then verify that the machine count matches the hand count.

If the totals do not match, we will re-check the hand tallies. Often, human error can account for the discrepancy.

Resealing the Equipment

All equipment is reset and resealed in the presence of the Testing Board.