Who are we?

As of August of 2017, Conejos County Ambulance service is now operating as a full-time service.  With this change, this means that the Emergency Medical Services crew members on shift are based at the Ambulance base in La Jara 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Our Conejos County Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS) team consists of 5 ALS (Advanced Life support) employees Full-time, 3 BLS (Basic Life Support) employees Full-time, and multiple on call employees that serve on an as needed basis.

Conejos County Ambulance service has 5 ambulances, with the most recent added in 2017. Annually our Conejos team responds to an average of 1,200 calls per year and covers an area (1,291 mi2) larger than the state of Rhode Island.

CCEMS Services consists of:

  • Responding to 911 calls
  • Transfers from Conejos County Hospital to Regional hospital specialties
  • Transfers to Airport to accommodate fixed wing transfers out of the Valley
  • Community outreach (event standbys, community education)
  • Out of Valley ground transports when staffing available


The Future of Conejos County Ambulance

Moving forward, Conejos County Ambulance service would like to continue to provide the highest level of care with proficiency and safety being just as imperative as the level of care provided to the people in Conejos County.

 A tax increase specifically for Conejos County Ambulance Service and Public safety (Law Enforcement) will be placed on this year’s ballot to provide supplemental income for these Departments.  This would allow CCEMS to continue to provide a high level of emergency care.

How would this tax increase help Conejos County Ambulance Service?

These additional funds would allow CCEMS to continue operating as a full-time service. Having a crew working full-time has increased our response times to emergency calls by over 80% in the last year. Our current average response time to calls is 8-13 minutes, compared to 15-25 minutes prior to moving to a Full-time Service.

Additional funds would allow CCEMS to obtain better and more equipment to provide advanced emergency care by helping fund grants with a required matching dollar amount when it comes to new ambulances and more advanced lifesaving equipment.

 Additional funds would also allow more opportunity for crew trainings and community education (i.e.-community CPR classes, Bleeding control, Kids safety, etc.), in the arena of emergency medicine.


For All Conejos County Ambulance Billing Inquiries

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