Business Toolkit

Planning on Starting a Business?

Planning to start a new business? Here is where to find everything you need to start a business in Colorado, and specifically in Conejos County.


The first stop is to visit Colorado Business Express at www.colorado.gov/cbe/ . This website will answer all of your questions about how to start a business in the state of Colorado. The following categories are addressed on that website:

Conejos County

The next steps depend largely upon where your business will be located and what type of business it is.

Conejos County Contact Information

All County offices are located at the Conejos County Courthouse in Conejos. There is no County sales tax therefore there is no need to register your business with the County, however, depending on what type of business you are opening, you may need to contact various County offices.

Conejos County
PO Box 157
Conejos, CO  81129  
General Information Phone Number: (719) 376-5654 


Town of Antonito

PO Box 86
Antonito, CO 81120

Phone: (719) 376-2355

Town of La Jara

PO Box 237
La Jara, CO 81140

Phone: (719) 274-5363

Town of Manassa

PO Box 130
Manassa, CO 81141

Phone: (719) 843-5207

Town of Romeo

PO Box 505
Romeo, CO 81148

Phone: (719) 843-5785

Town of Sanford

PO Box 237
Sanford, CO 81151

Phone: (719) 274-4024

Land Use Changes

All new businesses in the unincorporated areas of the county that require a zone change or a special use approval under the County Land Use Code must contact the Conejos County Land Use Department at 719-376-2014. If you are unsure if this applies to your business, call and check with Land Use staff.

All new businesses in the incorporated communities must contact the Town Clerk of that community to find out if there are zoning or other requirements.

Sales Tax

The towns and the unincorporated areas of Conejos County are subject to a 2.9% State sales tax. There is no County sales tax. The municipalities listed below have an additional tax:

Town of Antonito

Sales Tax: 4.0%

Town of La Jara

Sales Tax: 3.0%

Town of Manassa

Sales Tax: 1.0%

Town of Romeo

Sales Tax: 1.0%

Lodging Tax

Conejos County has a 1.9% County Lodging Tax. If you rent rooms and accommodations for less than 30 days at a time, a county lodging tax is charged to the customer. This includes lodging provided by hotels and motels, as well as condominium rentals and space rentals at auto camps and trailer parks. A county lodging tax return must then be filed. Lodging establishments must register with the Colorado Department of Revenue. To register call 303-238-SERV (7378) and request a County Lodging Tax Return Form or go to the www.colorado.gov and search for Form DR1485.

Lodging establishments also need to contact the Conejos County Tourism Council (which uses lodging tax funds for the promotion of tourism in the county) at PO Box 157, Conejos, CO 81129 in order to have promotional information added to tourism brochures and websites.

Liquor License

Colorado liquor and beer retail licenses are issued by "dual" licensing authorities. If you are located in a municipality, your local town clerk can provide applications and answer questions concerning the application process. If you are not located in a town, then you should contact your County Clerk 719-376-5422. Your local licensing authority (the Town or County) must first approve all retail licenses before forwarding liquor and beer license applications to the State Liquor Enforcement Division. Licenses can take several months to acquire; you must communicate with your local licensing authority in advance of your opening date. Failure to file applications far in advance of your opening date will result in a delay. Information and forms can also be found at www.colorado.gov/revenue/liquor.